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‘REX’  $35.00

granny square purse.jpg

Granny Square Purse  $95.00

owl 2.jpg

Owl - Sold

owl 1.jpg

Owl $25.00

small cardinal.jpg

Cardinal - Sold

Primitive Mermaid - Pattern Available NEW Patterns

primitive mermaid.jpg

IMG 0017.JPG

THE ST. LOUIS CHALLENGE RUG - Designed by Red Barn Rugs.  Hooked by Nola A. Heidbreder


PARTY LINE - Designed by Going Gray.  Hooked by Nola A. Heidbreder

IMG 0057.JPG

Fox Family - Sold

IMG 0059.JPG

Into the Wood - Sold

IMG 0061.JPG

‘Wash Your Hands’ - Patterns - Animal

IMG 0060.JPG

"Giant Wild Flowers"  Patterns-New


Primitive Beaver, Designed by Jackye Hansen, Hooked by Nola, January 2012


IMG 0088

Sheep Kaleidoscope Rug

IMG 0007

Diamond Geometric, Hooked and designed for Tipp City workshop by Nola.
October 2011

IMG 0039

Custom rug hooked by Nola, December 2011

Picture 028

"Bud" Hooked by Nola, 
Teacher Annette Shaffer, January 2012

Friends Kathy Decker andNola
Hooked in Annette Shaffer's class at the studio.

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